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Barry Gray

Barry Gray - Joe 90 OST (Green Vinyl)


First appearing on TV screens in September 1968, Joe 90 was a unique nine year old boy with the ability to absorb the brain patterns of top experts enabling him to become the most special agent of W.I.N. (World Intelligence Network).

Whilst there are arguably better-known scores amongst Barry Gray's sublime catalogue of work with the Andersons, the composer's work for Joe 90 is in many ways the most consistent and inventive selection he ever wrote. Developing a theme for the new series was always the musician's starting point, and for Joe 90, the pop charts breezed into Gray's studio, with an opening tune featuring a genuine groove. Mixing Gray's inventive electronics with 60s "surf rock" guitars was an inspired decision. It is no wonder that this piece has gone on to enjoy a second life as a Northern Soul disco floor-filler.

For episodic incidentals, Gray was freed from the detached unearthly premise of Captain Scarlet and able to bring back a playful sensibility and a more mature musical palette which are amply illustrated in this 24 track collection.


The Most Special Agent
1. Joe 90 Main Titles
2. A Dream Come True
3. A Wolf in the Fox's Den
4. Air/Sea Rescue
Colonel McClaine
5. Wagon Train of Fear
6. Running the Gauntlet

Big Fish
1. Tragedy Aboard the U85/Porto Guava
Three's A Crowd
2. A Song and Dance of Death
3. The Tangled Web
The Race
4. Race of Intelligence
5. Taking the WIN

The Fortress
1. Fleming in the Fortress
2. Breakout and Pursuit
Arctic Adventure
3. Nuclear Winter
Double Agent
4. Boy with a Suitcase
The Unorthodox Shepherd
5. Church Rats
6. Divine Intervention

International Concerto
1. Agent Sladek
2. Sladek's Recital
3. Trapped in the Sky
Project 90
4. The Alpine Clinic Waltz
5. Balloon Ride
Relative Danger
6. The Mine Rescue
7. Joe 90 End Titles

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