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UK Subs

UK Subs - A Punk Rock Anthology (Red & Yellow Vinyl)


This 34 track double LP pressed on 140g Red and Yellow Vinyl is the first to cover the entire career of Punk legends the U.K. Subs

It includes the hit singles “Stranglehold”(No.26), “Tomorrows Girls” (No.28), “She’s Not There” (No.36), “Warhead” (No.30), “Teenage” (No.32), “Party In Paris” (No.37) and “Keep On Running” (No.41).

Tracks are culled from across the band’s 40 plus year career that saw them release an album for each letter of the alphabet! From 1978’s “Another Kind Of Blues” through to 2015’s “Ziezo”.



1. C.I.D.
2. Stranglehold
3. Tomorrows Girls
4. Scum Of The Earth
5. Crash Course
6. She’s Not There
7. Warhead
8. Brand New Age
9. Emotional Blackmail

1. Teenage
2. Left For Dead
3. New York State Police
4. Party In Paris
5. Keep On Running (Til You Burn)
6. Plan Of Action
7. Endangered Species
8. Flood Of Lies

1. Anti-Warfare
2. Motivator
3. Another Cuba
4. Here Comes Alex
5. DF 118
6. Riot
7. Reclaim The Street
8. Drunken Sailor

1. Devolution
2. Fragile
3. 666 Yeah
4. Creation
5. Hell Is Other People
6. Deconstruct
7. Rebellion Song
8. I’ve Got A Gun
9. The Beast

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