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Prodigy - Music For the Jilted Generation


Prodigy - Music For the Jilted Generation


The Prodigy's response to the sweeping legislation and crackdown on raves contained in 1994's Criminal Justice Bill is an effective statement of intent. Pure sonic terrorism, Music for the Jilted Generation employs the same rave energy that charged their debut, Experience, up the charts in Britain, but yokes it to a cause other than massive drug intake. Compared to their previous work, the sound is grubbier and less reliant on samples; the effect moved the Prodigy away from the American-influenced rave and acid house of the past and toward a uniquely British vision of breakbeat techno that was increasingly allied to the limey invention of drum'n'bass.

A1     Intro     0:45
A2     Break & Enter     8:24
A3     Their Law     6:39
A4     Full Throttle     5:02
B5     Voodoo People     6:26
B6     Speedway (Theme From 'Fastlane')     8:56
B7     The Heat (The Energy)     4:27
C8     Poison     6:42
C9     No Good (Start The Dance)     6:18
C10     One Love (Edit)     3:53
 D The Narcotic Suite     
D11     3 Kilos     7:26
D12     Skylined     5:58
D13     Claustrophobic Sting     7:12

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