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La's, The - The LA's

La's, The

La's, The - The LA's


180 Gram Black Vinyl Version with Download of the self-titled album by The La's, which was the only studio release from the four piece, originally released in 1990. It includes the tracks There She Goes, the group's most popular hit, and Timeless Melody. A truly sleeper classic. Like many bands of the British pop movement of the early 1990s, the La's created a big-though short-lived-splash, then belly-flopped into obscurity. Most will remember them only from their pillowy single, There She Goes, but this album is replete with delightfully jangly, remarkably well-crafted songs and deserves to be waived from the stigma of one-hit-wonderdom. Lead singer and songwriter Lee Mavers is largely the culprit responsible for the success and failure of this album; a perfectionist, he ultimately paralyzed the album's momentum with band-member changes, the relentless rerecording of songs, and obsession over details, which caused fatal delays in its completion and release. But his pursuit of perfection was nearly achieved - almost every song had potential as a successful single.

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