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King Buffalo - Longing To Be The Mountain

King Buffalo

King Buffalo - Longing To Be The Mountain


Rochester, New York may seem an unlikely place for the rise of heavy hitters in the psychedelic rock spectrum, yet the sleepy, snowy northern US city has given rise to one of the most unique bands afoot today. 'Longing To Be The Mountain', King Buffalo's second full-length record, is ''like a psychedelic sunrise... [the band] stretches their music in every direction. Let it wash over you!'' (Kyle Shutt, The Sword) The band's sophomore album, following closely on their highly acclaimed EP Repeater, is an enthralling piece of work that sees King Buffalo fulfill its promise. In six songs clocking in at 42 minutes, the band manages to cement their style, which is psychedelic yet impossible to fully define. King Buffalo belongs to the camps of psych, stoner, and krautrock without playing to the cliches of any. Donaldson's clean, sturdy drumming and Reynolds' hypnotic basslines lock into grooves that propel the songs, traveling from cool, spacious zones into all-out explosive finales. Frontman McVay mesmerizes with a haunting vocal style that commands full attention despite its sedated tone early Pink Floyd is a reference point. Within each song, he showcases a palette of vivid guitar playing, from jangly rhythms to ripping solos. With the three members in sync, songs progress steadily and fluidly, from world-weary lulls into squalls of transcendence. Of the lyrics, McVay says, ''The album is about searching for meaning. It's a story about finding one's place in an increasingly turbulent and chaotic world.'' We, the listeners, are lucky to witness King Buffalo's journey as they cruise onward and upward, leaving behind an amazing soundtrack as they go. 

One that fans of modern progressive rock should not miss. Stunning and highly recommended!

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