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Kate Bush - Ariel (2018 Remaster)

Kate Bush

Kate Bush - Ariel (2018 Remaster)


Released on 30th November 2018

The legendary and unimitable Kate Bush is releasing her studio albums as Breakouts from her massively anticipated 2018 reissue campaign. This includes the re-release of her eighth Studio album which was notably released after a twelve year hiatus. Aerial is one of Bush's most critically acclaimed albums and is musically multi-layered in style, incorporating elements of folk, Renaissance, classical, reggae, flamenco, and rock. The album has been fully remastered by Kate and James Guthrie. A long awaited reissue that will be released for the first time in over 10 years in a premium 180g Heavyweight double vinyl set.

Track List

A Sea of Honey

Side 1

1​ King Of The Mountain (2018 Remaster)

2​ Pi (2018 Remaster)

3​ Bertie (2018 Remaster)

4​ Mrs. Bartolozzi (2018 Remaster)

Side 2

1​ How To Be Invisible (2018 Remaster)

2​ Joanni (2018 Remaster)

3​ A Coral Room (2018 Remaster)

A Sky of Honey

Side 1

1​ Prelude (2018 Remaster)

2​ Prologue (2018 Remaster)

3​ An Architect's Dream (2018 Remaster)

4​ The Painter's Link (2018 Remaster)

5​ Sunset (2018 Remaster)

6​ Aerial Tal (2018 Remaster)

Side 2

1​ Somewhere In Between (2018 Remaster)

2 Nocturn (2018 Remaster)

3​ Aerial (2018 Remaster)

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