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Bitchin Bajas

Bitchin Bajas - Switched On Ra


Chicago three-piece Bitchin Bajas dust of their synthesizer collection to reinterpret some of Sun Ra's most memorable tunes, from 'Space is the Place' to Lanquidity'. If you've ever wanted to hear how Sun Ra might sound as severely faded psychedelic exotica - your time.

 Taking influence from Wendy Carlos's exception (and literally groundbreaking) "Switched On Bach", Cooper Crain, Rob Frye and Daniel Quinlivan transform a grip of Sun Ra catalog faves into chirpy synth-rich lounge music that sounds like Plone, The Advisory Circle or Pye Corner Audio.

 So 'Space is the Place' becomes a heaving chime of rubbery Moog bass, bright, resonant chords and cycling Popol Vuh rhythms. It's music that hangs in the atmosphere like blunt smoke, with a purplish-orange hue burning around the edges. 'Outer Spaceways Incorporated' introduces talkbox vocals and wiry Dr. Who synths that could have been snatched from the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, while 'Lanquidity' has been transformed into an electro-lounge groover.

 It would be impossible to top the originals, Bitchin Bajas don't even try - they've instead assembled a complete oddity that pays tribute to Sun Ra by being as off the wall as possible.

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